Gustavo Canavire-Bacarreza


An applied economist, whose main interests are poverty and inequality, applied econometrics, impact evaluation, labor economics, and fiscal policy.

He received a Ph.D. in Economics and a MA in Economics from Georgia State University and got an advanced studies degree from Kiel University in Germany. He is currently working as an economist in the practice of poverty and equity at the World Bank.


Previously, he worked as a Senior Economist for Andean countries at the Inter-American Development Bank. Prior to this, he was part of the EAFIT University, in Medellín, Colombia, where he was a professor in the Department of Economics and Founding Director of the Center for Economic and Financial Research.

He has more than 40 publications in academic journals and books, is a Research Fellow of the Institute for Labor Economics IZA, is a member of the Global Labor Organization (GLO), also a member of the Society of Economists of Bolivia, and an elected member of the executive committee of the Economic Association of Latin America and the Caribbean (LACEA).

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