The ABCE has bodies of directions, government and control leading by the:

  • The Assembly: formed by all of the full members with number that participate equality of voice and vote.
  • The Board of Directors: composed of four full members of number. Which occupy the following positions:


    • PRESIDENT:  Oscar Molina Tejerina as Academic Number 23.
    • VICE PRESIDENT: Beatriz Muriel Hernández as Academic Number 20.
    • SECRETARY: Xavier Salazar Paredes as Academic Number 15.
    • TREASURER: Javier Aliaga Londermann as Academic of Number 18.
    • TITLE DIRECTOR: Juan Antonio Morales Anaya as Academic Number 10.
  • Committees and / or ad hoc commissions: established by the BOARD for specific purposes, both technical and management of the ABCE.
  • Unipersonal: They are unipersonal bodies that assist the BOARD, such as adviser (s), assistant (s), librarian (s) or other unipersonal that the BOARD OF DIRECTORS deems pertinent for its operation.

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